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Trojan Removal - How to Remove a Trojan Virus

Important information:
Trojans need to start some how; this means that most trojans will use some sort of auto start technique when your computer starts up. If you can find this auto start then you can stop the trojan from starting.

2) Trojans cannot be removed easily if they are running. Just like any running program, windows protects it from being deleted when it is in use. You can get around this by “killing” the running trojan process or getting to it before it starts up.


3) There is fake anti trojan software that is actually a trojan. Do not be tricked into downloading software that is supposedly supposed to protect your computer from viruses and trojans but in reality is malware. Before you download and install software search the internet for reviews of that software. You could be getting yourself into more trouble then you first started out.

4) It is easiest to remove trojans in windows safe mode. To get into safe mode, hit F8 when your computer is booting up. Safe mode is easiest as a lot of things do not start up, this can include trojans.

5) For stubborn trojans you can remove them manually using a boot disk such as UBCD4WIN

Removing trojans can seem like a daunting task but once you know the basics of trojan removal it can suddenly become a lot easier.

Trojan Removal Steps:

Step 1:
Download a good anti malware program. We suggest using Emsisoft Anti Malware
If the trojan or malware is blocking you downloading anti malware programs, you may need to download it from another computer and put it on a USB stick or similar.

Step 2:
Boot your computer into safe mode with networking. The networking allows you to update the anti malware software over the internet. Once the anti malware software is updated, run a full system scan. Once the scan is completed, allow the software to remove it. Reboot and you should be problem free. If you are not problem free then you may need to follow the advanced removal techniques below


Additional Advanced Trojan Removal Steps

Find the malicious files. To do this you will need a good process monitor, Emsisoft Hijack Free is great and it is freeware. Using hijack free look at the current processes you have running. Pay special attention to any that appear in red. Processes that are red are bad.

Look through the ports, services, autoruns and others for corresponding information. Remember that red is bad. You can try to kill the malicious processes straight away using hijack free. You may be able to kill them and delete the files and autorun entries. If you cannot then you may need to note down the file names and try it in safe mode.

When you think you have removed all the malicious files then do a final scan using Emsisoft Anti Malware in safe mode.


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